Personalized Tours of England

Personalized Tours of England

The Exclusive Travel Service
presented by
Julian Spencer Rouse

Personalized Tours of England

With me as your driver-guide, I plan with you and drive you on a personalized tour of England and Wales. I like to take you to see the great country houses, gardens, castles and cathedrals of our heritage, and to travel on back roads for some of the time. A typical day should consist of about 4 hours sightseeing and about 4 hours driving, covering about 150 miles per day.

Tours can be of 2 or any number of days, and can be a part of your trip or the whole vacation. Charges are per day, not per person. We can take up to 4 people with lots of luggage, or 5 or 6 with less luggage room.

From 2000 to 2014 I have organised 174 tours. Of these, 40 were of Jane Austen sights, 29 tours of the Cotswolds, 15 to Bath and 14 to places in Kent and Sussex in south-east England, and the remainder to a variety of places requested by clients.

We have visited 145 different country houses and castles, 131 places of special interest, and 57 cathedrals and churches.

To view a list of all places visited CLICK HERE

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If you wish to see the real England that is hidden from the usual tour operator I am your man!

The service commences when you send me some details of what you want to see and for how many days, and by an exchange of e-mails or phone calls I will prepare an itinerary that is personalized for you. If airport greeting or transfer is part of your tour, there is no extra charge.

Book with me, and it is me you get!

Julian Spencer Rouse

I have been in the travel business for 25 years, and have a wealth of experience to draw on, as well as a library of reference books and CD's. To see a list of the places visited in the previous years Click Here

I graduated from Cambridge University in 1967 and spent 10 years in the computing service industry, and then 10 years running pubs and restaurants, before turning to the travel business.

My vehicle is a Toyota Previa van with up to 8 seats, air-conditioned and has excellent visibility with full adult leg room for all seats. With 4 clients and me driving, there is lots of room for luggage.

Extracts from my references file
To recieve the whole file

We really enjoyed our time with you and all the things you showed us on the road and in the fields.
We want to thank you again for the splendid weekend you planned for us. There is no way we could have found or seen a tenth of what we did on our own
What a great time we had with you!!
…let you know how much I appreciated your excellent guide service
Thanks again for the wonderful time.
We really did enjoy ourselves and you told us enough stories to keep us going for a while.
Your info pack, of course, is outstanding. Thank you again.
This trip would have been impossible without Julian Spencer Rouse of Echo Tango, The Exclusive Travel Service and his faithful Toyota Previa van, ''Hippo'
Our decision to ask Julian to be our guide was one of the better ones we’ve made
…we enjoyed our tour with you. . Again thank you for the enjoyable tour.
Appreciate all of you assistance and look forward to working with you
…certainly enjoyed the day with Julian. He did such a fine job for us
Thanks again for an excellent trip around England
…were delighted at and grateful for your expert attention to our every request in the tour arrangements
The bound itinerary illustrated with pictures, maps and narrative which you provided was invaluable during our tour and as a memento upon our return home.
Your itinerary sometimes had us gasping for breath
I really appreciate your flexibility to change plans
Your booklets are wonderful reminders of all that we saw
the Marlborough House whose hostess was delightful as well as all of the extra's
opportunity to thank you once again for the wonderful tour of Kent and Sussex. We feel that we really would have missed out if we had not taken this tour
Thank you for the driving and guiding last week!

Accommodation can be booked to suit any pocket, so please let me know your wishes on this. I often use Premier Travel Inns or Travelodges for good value and guaranteed standards, but also I like to take you to Country House Hotels to experience the luxury they offer. Tours are best made into a circular route, but we can stay in one location if it suits the route.

For each tour I produce an itinerary booklet with details of routes with timings, details of places we shall visit and pictures. This acts as a working document for the tour and a souvenir for you at the end. If there is time, I can mail it to you in advance, but please remember to bring it with you!

Home Work Station
This is my work station at home, where I answer your e-mails and plan itineraries using mapping programs and research material from books and CD's.

I look forward to meeting you, and hope you will find me your mentor and friend, not just driver and guide.

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